UKCRIC Representative in Newcastle, Australia, to lead utility roundtable

UKCRIC Chairman, Professor Brian Collins, was one of the keynote speakers at a workshop held by Hunter Water in Sydney, Australia, to talk about how research and innovation can make for more sustainable water management and improved liveability.

The roundtable brought representatives from Australian and New Zealand water utilities together with academics from several local and international universities, with discussions aimed at challenging the status quo.

Hunter Water Managing Director Jim Bentley said the meeting was the first of its kind for Hunter Water, and gave utilities the chance to learn from one another and thought leaders from the world of research.

“Hunter Water is entering the next phase of long term water planning for the region and we have an opportunity to be truly innovative and forward thinking in our decision making.

“Our neighbours at Sydney Water and MidCoast Water are faced with many of the same challenges as us, with ageing infrastructure, population growth and the need to provide a secure and sustainable water supply into the future.

“We are taking the opportunity to work with our neighbours in addressing these shared issues using what we know now, and what we can learn from those at the cutting edge of research into water system.

“This workshop is about breaking away from the preconceived ways of doing things to identify solutions that will not only work in the short term, but continue delivering benefits well into the future,” he said.

“We’re very lucky to have Professor Collins at the workshop. Brian has served as a chief scientific adviser to more than one department of the UK Government, and will help challenge how we do things and our ideas on what will be truly positive outcomes for our community, the environment and stakeholders.

“This workshop is part of a new direction for a more collaborative, engaged and evidence led Hunter Water, which is focussed on not just short term needs, but long term opportunities.

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