Proposed National Buried Infrastructure Facility (image courtesy of AssociatedArchitects)

The UKCRIC research facilities comprise a co-ordinated set of interlinked National Laboratories, a National Observatory of networked “urban laboratories” and a Multi-level Modelling and Simulation environment. The achievement of this will in three stages:

  • A set of interlinked National Laboratories for research on the basic science, technology and engineering that underpins the economic infrastructure sectors and delivers innovative solutions meeting international, national and city needs.
  • A National Observatory of networked ‘urban laboratories’ for rapid trialling of solutions at scale and gathering/curating large volumes of diverse data about current and proposed infrastructure so as to allow policies, regulation, systems and capital investments to be made on the basis of evidence, analysis and innovation.
  • A Multi-level Modelling and Simulation environment to enable ‘what if’ experiments to be carried out in a high performance computing environment on possible large scale solutions at national, regional and city level; this will allow the de-risking of proposed large scale investments, give insights into possible futures and highlight new mechanisms for value capture and benefit realisation.

Urban observatories are already up and running having benefited from substantial inward investment, and have established local authority and stakeholder partnerships and offer ready pathways for delivering impact. The National Laboratories are under various stages of funding and development.

National Laboratories

National Buried Infrastructure Facility, Birmingham

National Infrastructure Lab, Southampton

Centre for Infrastructure Materials; Imperial College London, Leeds, Manchester

National Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction (SoFSI) Facility, Bristol

Research Facility for Infrastructure Sensing, Cambridge

Urban Water Infrastructure Facility; Cranfield, Newcastle, Sheffield

Person-Environment-Activity Research Laboratory (PEARL), UCL

Integrated Urban Infrastructure Labs

Infrastructure Database, Modelling, Simulation and Visualisation Facilities, Oxford