CityX Business Expo

CityX Business Expo


13 November 2019


14 November 2019
Connected Places Catapult Urban Innovation Centre 1 Sekforde Street London United Kingdom

Cityx is a two day expo organised by Connected Places Catapult taking place at the Urban Innovation Centre in London from 13 – 14 November 2019. Cityx will bring together leading thinkers, city leaders, academics and businesses to explore today’s priority city and mobility challenges, to discover how UK businesses are harnessing emerging technologies, to unlock radical new solutions and to develop the relationships needed to drive forward connected places for everyone.

Day 1 – Future of Housing
There will be 1 billion more of us added to the world’s population by 2030, and 2.2 billion more by 2050. Life expectancy is increasing too, resources are tightening and availability of land on which we can build is becoming scarcer all the time. For innovation to succeed in this space it needs to put people first – because everyone needs somewhere, they can call home.  

Day 2 – Future of Mobility
Between 2013 and 2030, it is estimated that traffic congestion may have cost the British economy as much as £307 billion. The world is becoming ever-busier with increasing pressure on public transportation to keep people and places connected. Currently systems are often inaccessible, congested, expensive, polluting and unreliable – bad for citizens and competitiveness. Business solutions working to connect infrastructure and services are leading the way for places across the country, and worldwide, to become healthier, more mobile and better connected.  

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