GreenGrid Security III - Building it green to stay green - Whose job is it?

GreenGrid Security III - Building it green to stay green - Whose job is it?
25 August 2021
16:00 - 17:30
Online event

"Building it Green" is only the beginning.If we want to keep the grid green, we'll need to build in resilience from the beginning.And that means dealing with interdependency issues that require the collaboration of the power industry's many private and public sector partners -and tools that can enable that collaboration. Join us for the third webinar in the GreenGrid Series to executives, academics, scientists, and engineers from around the world lay out a path to address these complex cross-sector needs.

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Meet our panel:

- Professor Brian Collins, Emeritus Professor of Engineering Policy, University College London; Former Chief Science Advisor to the UK Government (Department for Transport and Department of Business, Innovation, and Skills). Professor Collins will start by laying out the fundamentals of grid resilience issues, examining the interdependency considerations that must be addressed to secure the transforming grid, taking a lessons-learned perspective as a lens to peer into the future.
- Dr. Anthony Bucci, Technical Director for Infrastructure Simulation at EIS Council
Dr. Bucci will discuss the critical need for interdependent infrastructure modeling, situational awareness, and decision support. This will require computer assistance and cross-sector participation, as demonstrated with the Global Infrastructure Network Optimization Model (GINOM).
- Benjamin Youman, BlackStarTech Strategic Innovation Director at Exelon
Mr. Youman will underscore that even with resilience investment, adequate emergency communication, situational awareness, and decision support, critical facilities still need to ensure they have core minimal operability during the inevitably long-duration outage of a black sky event. The Black Star system to be discussed is an example solution for that principle.

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