Infrastructure & Wellbeing webinar with Prof Nick Tyler, UCL

Infrastructure & Wellbeing webinar with Prof Nick Tyler, UCL
11 October 2022
12:00 - 14:00

Prof Nick Tyler's work at the Person Environment Research Laboratory investigates the ways in which people interact with their immediate environments and the changing nature of cities. This includes the way in which common functions - such as walking - are managed by subconscious control systems which interact with the physical, sensory and cognitive environments in which people function. Nick Tyler's team is therefore studying pedestrian interactions with the environment, including falling and the fear of falling, both in the static pedestrian environment and inside moving vehicles (e.g. a bus), how people with dementia see their environment, and how infrastructure can be designed to make the environment more sympathetic to people's needs.

In this webinar Prof Tyler will talk about his research relating to Infrastructure and wellbeing of people in their environment and the research conducted at the UKCRIC funded PEARL facility.


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The meeting will be on TEAMS and a link will be sent out in advance of the webinar to ticket holders.

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