ISNGI 2024 is coming!

ISNGI 2024 is coming!


03 September 2024


05 September 2024
London Venue TBC


Since 2013 ISNGI has brought together infrastructure systems research and practice for the purpose of conceptualising, enacting, modelling and operationalising an integrative, system-of-systems approach to infrastructure.

The significance and uniqueness of the ISNGI Symposia is that they bring together four disparate groups—policymakers, academic researchers, business practitioners and financers—all of whom have an important stake in infrastructure and rarely have an opportunity for deep dialogue and knowledge exchange.

ISNGI returns September 2024

ISNGI 2024 will see a marked shift away from the 'normal' kind of symposium with a hands-on approach to demonstrations and exhibits designed to illuminate the path forward to a new world – what will be done, not what has been done. Curated conversations will focus upon marrying underpinning principles and theory with practice and policy to deliver sustainable, resilient, and equitable infrastructure. Masterclasses will introduce delegates to crucial complementary skill sets such as scientific video communication. 

To express an interest in leading a Roundtable of Experts (bringing together principles and theory with practice and policy) or a Masterclass (showcasing complementary skill sets such as scientific communication), email us at Expressions of interest are invited from all sectors, disciplines and career stages. Don’t worry about being pitch perfect, we can work out the details later!

The website for the 2024 conference will launch later in the first quarter of 2024.

To register your interest to attend please email with the subject heading, 'ISNGI 2024'. We will email you when the website is launched and the registration is open.

Visit to find out about what happened at the 2022 conference as well as previous editions.