POSTPONED: International Conference on Energy and Cities (ISEC2020)

POSTPONED: International Conference on Energy and Cities (ISEC2020)


01 July 2020


03 July 2020
University of Southampton

In view of the worldwide health emergency linked to COVID-19, the next edition of the International Conference of Energy and Cities (ICEC2020) hosted by the University of Southampton and scheduled for 1 – 3 July 2020, is postponed.

We aim to hold the next ICEC at a time and place which will be conducive to allow interactions and participation face to face in a healthy and supportive environment. The management team will make every effort to make this edition of ICEC happen as soon as feasible.

All updates of our progress will be posted on this website with a review of the situation to be conducted in May 2020.


The second International Conference on Energy and Cities (ICEC 2020) will be hosted at the University of Southampton from 1st to 3rd July, 2020. 

Cities are at the centre of the climate and sustainability challenge of the twenty-first century. Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of cities are over 75% of global totals putting cities in a critical position to propel and lead society towards the low carbon pathways required in the 2020s and 2030s.

The International Conference on Energy and Cities (ICEC) brings world-leading academic research together with policymakers, regional and non-governmental organisations, and the private sector. The conference topics cover energy studies within the city and beyond its boundaries, with a special emphasis on renewable energy systems, energy efficiency, and energy-use and behaviour.

ICEC 2020 is the second International Conference on Energy and Cities. The first, ICEC 2019, was held at the University of Southampton in July 2019. The conference successfully hosted around 100 international participants from 22 countries. The conference has also created a platform where international policymakers, for example, the Shadow Energy Minister of the UK and the Director of Renewable Energy in the Ministry of Energy in Kenya, are able to directly engage with academics and industrial leaders.

Themes and Topics

  • Energy technologies
  • Smart cities and data
  • Evolving cities and infrastructure
  • Energy, behaviour and wellbeing

You can find more information and register here.