UKCRIC Facilities

UKCRIC has a number of infrastructure laboratories and Urban Observatories across the UK at its partner organisations, many of which are already available for use by academics and students as well as industry and government. 

If you'd like to use our facilities, it's important that you start talking to us early, to ensure we can provide the resources required for the proposed project. If you would like to enquire about using our facilities, please click here to let us know your requirements

We will then arrange for you to visit the facility. We'll also discuss with you any potential intellectual property arising from the project, and put plans into place for its appropriate protection.

Please note that EPSRC-funded proposals will be given top priority for usage of the facility and accompanying equipment.

Full details of UKCRIC's infrastructure laboratories and Urban Observatories can be found below.

Infrastructure Laboratory Based at Contact
National Distributed Water Infrastructure Facility University of Sheffield Prof Steve Thornton, s.f.thornton@sheffield.ac.uk
Fire and Impact Laboratory for Resilient Infrastructure Materials University of Manchester Prof Yong Wang, yong.wang@manchester.ac.uk
National Infrastructure Laboratory University of Southampton Dr Duncan Crump, dac400@soton.ac.uk
Centre for Infrastructure Materials University of Leeds Prof Leon Black, l.black@leeds.ac.uk
Person-Environment-Activity Research Laboratory UCL Prof Nick Tyler, n.tyler@ucl.ac.uk
National Research Facility for Water and Wastewater Treatment Cranfield University Prof Paul Jeffrey, p.j.jeffrey@cranfield.ac.uk
Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction Laboratory University of Bristol Prof Anastasios Sextos, a.sextos@bristol.ac.uk
National Research Facility for Infrastructure Sensing University of Cambridge Dr Pieter Desnerck, prhd2@eng.cam.ac.uk
National Buried Infrastructure Facility University of Birmingham Prof David Chapman, d.n.chapman@bham.ac.uk
Advanced Infrastructure Materials Laboratory Imperial College London Prof Chris Cheeseman, c.cheeseman@imperial.ac.uk
National Green Infrastructure Facility Newcastle University Dr Ross Stirling, ross.stirling@ncl.ac.uk
Centre for Future Infrastructure University of Edinburgh Prof Gordon Masterton, gordon.masterton@ed.ac.uk
VSimulators at Bath University of Bath

Dr Antony Darby, A.P.Darby@bath.ac.uk

VSimulators at Exeter University of Exeter

Prof James Brownjohn, vsimulators@exeter.ac.uk


Urban Observatory Based at Contact
Newcastle Urban Observatory Newcastle University



Bristol Infrastructure Collaboratory University of Bristol


Dr Theo Tryfonas, Theo.Tryfonas@bristol.ac.uk

Urban Flows Observatory University of Sheffield



Cranfield Urban Observatory Cranfield University


Angela Colclough, a.colclough@cranfield.ac.uk

Manchester Urban Observatory University of Manchester


Matthew Harrison, matthew.harrison@manchester.ac.uk

Birmingham Urban Observatory University of Birmingham


Lee Chapman, l.chapman@bham.ac.uk

Professor David Richards 

Head of UKCRIC Test Facilities 

+44 (023) 8059 2848


Professor Stephanie Glendinning 

Principal Investigator for UKCRIC Urban Observatories 

+44 (0) 191 208 6612


Professor Jim Hall

Principal Investigator for DAFNI

 +44 (0)1865 275847


Infrastructure Database, Modelling, Simulation and Visualisation Facilities

National Buried Infrastructure Facility

Prof Chris Rogers– Director
Dr David Chapman– Technical Director
Prof Ian Jefferson– Deputy Director Geo Processes
Prof Chris Baker– TRAIN Rig Director
Prof Nicole Metje– Deputy Director Sensor Systems

University of Birmingham

Centre for Infrastructure Materials, Imperial

Imperial College, London

Prof Nick Buenfeld (Imperial)

National Infrastructure Lab, Southampton

National Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction (SoFSI) Facility, Bristol

Research Facility for Infrastructure Sensing, Cambridge

Dr Jennifer Schooling, Director of the Centre for Smart Infrastructure
Dr Simon Guest, Head of Civil Engineering

Urban Water Infrastructure Facility, Cranfield

Urban Observatory, Newcastle

Stephanie Glendinning
Phil James


Urban Water Infrastructure Facility, Sheffield

Person-Environment-Activity Research Laboratory (PEARL)

Prof Nick Tyler

Integrated Urban Infrastructure Labs, Bristol

Integrated Urban Infrastructure Labs, Cardiff

Rhys Thomas

Integrated Urban Infrastructure Labs, Manchester

Integrated Urban Infrastructure Labs, Newcastle

Prof Richard Dawson


Integrated Urban Infrastructure Labs, Sheffield