National Research Facility for Water and Wastewater Treatment

National Research Facility for Water and Wastewater Treatment

There are a number of Urban Water innovation and test facilities located at Cranfield University.

The facilities focus on research into treatment and distribution processes, future technologies such as low energy treatment and nutrient and energy recovery, condition monitoring and performance assessment including development of repair techniques that are less disruptive to supply and system-wide operation and control and integrated data systems. 

The facilities include the National Research Facility for Water and Wastewater Treatment, which supports research on the inter-dependencies between treatment and distribution processes, condition monitoring and performance of technologies. Also included are the Test and Control Sewer Loops, which are generating data critical to understanding and managing the dynamics of FOG deposition; the Point-of-use Water Treatment Development lab, a dedicated collaborative technology development and testing space for water treatment systems; the Breakthrough Innovation Hub, which provides a set of design, build and testing spaces devoted to interdisciplinary research across science, engineering and design; and the sensors lab, a state of the art space for developing and improving water sensors. 

The Hub is a collaborative space for biological and chemical engineers, materials scientists, designers, energy specialists, and others to nurture interdisciplinary research across the science, engineering and design disciplines. It will enable potential innovators to develop their ideas through Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs), from basic principles and ideas (TRL 1) to near-production level system prototypes (TRL 7) in some cases. 

The evidence generated by the Hub will tackle issues raised by pollutants in water supplies, delivery and infrastructure challenges for a growing world population, and the application of the latest technology to meet current and future needs. 

The National Research Facility for Water and Wastewater Treatment has been up and running since Summer 2019. The labs and Breakthrough Innovation Hub will launch in April 2020.

Who can use the facility Functions/facilities available

Industry (research and consultancy including testing) and secondments

Equipment, workspace, meeting rooms

Universities (in collaboration) All equipment; study space
PhD Studentships (part of the CDT) and MSc Students (Cranfield) Equipment, workspace, meeting rooms

Facility Highlights

  • A sensor testing facility for exploring the engineering resilience of urban water systems
  • A test area dedicated to the development and testing of point of use water treatment technologies
  • An Infrastructure Breakthrough Innovation Hub with mixed use areas for design, rapid prototyping, and testing
  • A data visualisation suite providing access to data feeds from infrastructure across campus – including from the two pilot halls
  • A new build 220m2 clean water pilot hall housing parallel plug-and-play treatment trains and an advanced soil and sediment erosion testing environment
  • Test and control sewer loops (100m) for analysing the impact and control of fats, oils, and greases (FOG) in sewer systems

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