Breakthrough Innovation Hub

Breakthrough Innovation Hub

The Hub is a collaborative space for biological and chemical engineers, materials scientists, designers, energy specialists, and others to nurture interdisciplinary research across the science, engineering and design disciplines. It will enable potential innovators to develop their ideas through Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs), from basic principles and ideas (TRL 1) to near-production level system prototypes (TRL 7) in some cases. 

The evidence generated by the Hub will tackle issues raised by pollutants in water supplies, delivery and infrastructure challenges for a growing world population, and the application of the latest technology to meet current and future needs. 

The Breakthrough Innovation facility is equipped with the top of the range 3D measurement, imaging & realization equipment and photogrammetry software. e.g. FARO laser object and environment scanners, enabling non-contact, non-destructive methods to digitize large scale objects within the built environment. 

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Facilities equipment 

  • FARO Focus S70 Laser Scanner
  • FARO Cobalt Design M400 Structured Light Scanner