Drinking water treatment rig

Drinking water treatment rig

Parallel pilot-scale drinking water treatment system for test and control experiments. Each train consists of coagulation, clarification (dissolved air flotation), filtration, ozonation, granular activated carbon adsorption contactor and disinfection.

Treatment stages can be by-passed if investigation of isolated processes is required. Chemical dosing, pH control and other operational parameters operated from central control panel. Filtration processes with automated backwash and cleaning procedures.

Interstage monitoring of water quality parameters: pH, UV absorbance and turbidity. Online zeta potential monitoring is also available for this experimental rig.

Source water can be stored in a 30m3 holding tank prior to treatment to enable various real waters to be passed through the pilot plant. 

Each train can treat a flow of up to 200 L per hour.


Experimental systems can be used for various research investigations, including:

  • Comparison of coagulation strategies (pH, coagulant type, mixing regimes) and control systems
  • Testing of different media (eg for filtration, adsorption)
  • Understand the impact of perturbations of treatment
  • New treatment processes (eg membranes) can be switched into the flowsheets
  • Understand treatability of different water sources, including direct and indirect water re-use
  • Impacts of pre-treatment and catchment management on downstream processes
  • Preparation of water for other testing (eg disinfection by-product analysis, bio-stability testing)

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