LabGard AIR Class II

LabGard AIR Class II

The LabGard AIR Class II is a Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet, focusing on safety, with a variety of opening options and variable output scenarios.   

The LabGard AIR Class II Type A2 cabinet adopts ergonomic design and integral structure, which is a sturdy and practical supplement to lab facility. Its ergonomic features also include an armrest to reduce the pressure on the forearm and wrist, while allowing the airflow system to fully operate.   

The FlowGard system uses an airflow sensor to control the airflow in real time and display it on an easy-to-read OLED display. Depending on the biological agents used in the laboratory, users can choose to recycle the airflow in the cabinet and discharge it to the HVAC system to treat low-level pollutants or a combination of the two. HEPA filtration is standard and is attached to the pressure ventilation device.



  • Personal Protection from harmful agents within the cabinet
  • Product Protection to avoid contamination of the samples
  • Environmental Protection from contaminants contained within the cabinet


Detailed specifications

  • NSF and TUV listed
  • OLED display with intuitive controls
  • Ultra high efficiency motor
  • Front filter removal
  • HEPEX Zero Leak Airflow system
  • Tempered glass view screen.

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