Monmouth Scientific Circulaire CT1100

Monmouth Scientific Circulaire CT1100

This piece of equipment is a Recirculating fume cupboard Monmouth Scientific Circulaire CT1100 with filter alarm, nominal width 1100mm, with a work surface included.

The Monmouth Scientific Circulaire CT1100 filter fume hood solution uses the latest recirculation air filtration technology and utilizes ultra-deep activated carbon filters.

The hood use filters to ensure maximum smoke filtration efficiency and/or HEPA filters for particulate removal. The Monmouth filter is 30% larger than competitors' cabinets and has a significantly deeper depth to remove oil fume and air purification more efficiently, effectively and safely.



  • Handling chemical substances in the laboratory
  • Sample preparation for anathomo-pathology
  • Rigid or flexible endoscope decontamination
  • Handling of adhesives and solvents
  • Handling of airborne powders and chemical aerosols


Detailed specifications

  • Automatic Airflow Compensation: Fan speed adjusts in accordance with aperture size to ensure user protection
  • PIR Sensors: PIR Movement Sensors detect periods of inactivity and employ ECO-Mode.
  • Ultra Deep Carbon Filters: The deepest filters available on the market increase contaminant dwell time to 0.3 seconds.
  • LED Lighting: LED Lighting improves visibility and energy efficiency.
  • Large Aperture: The Large Working Aperture allows for easy work area access.

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