Monmouth Scientific PCR cabinet PCR 650

Monmouth Scientific PCR cabinet PCR 650

This piece of equipment is a Monmouth Scientific PCR cabinet PCR 650 with HEPA filter, 1 UV lamp, 650 mm wide, pre-assembled.

The Monmouth Scientific PCR cabinet PCR 650 is a miniature vertical laminar flow cabinet designed to prevent cross-contamination during the PCR amplification process. The cabinet provides better clean air conditions on the work surface than ISO Class 4 (Class 10).

Between amplifications, just put all pipettes, test tubes and flasks in the cabinet, install a light and safe interlocking night door, after 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes (operator programmable), the ultraviolet light will close, all potential DNA contamination will be destroyed.


  • PCR mastermix preparation
  • UV decontamination of PCR consumables


Detailed specifications

  • ISO Class 5, contaminant-free environment
  • Vertical laminar airflow with HEPA filtration
  • The Large, Sterile Working Aperture allows for easy work area access.
  • Lightweight door ensures there is no risk of exposure to the UV light.
  • Equipped with UV lamp for decontamination.
  • LED Lighting improves visability and energy efficiency.

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