Multi Autolab/M101

Multi Autolab/M101

The Multi Autolab/M101 is a multi-channel potentiostat/galvanometer based on the compact Autolab PGSTAT101.

The Multi Autolab/M101 contains a Multi Autolab cabinet, which can install up to 12 M101 modules. Each M101 is a completely independent potentiostat/galvanostat, allowing different measurements to be performed on each channel at the same time.

It can be controlled by up to three different computers at the same time, allowing available channels to be shared among different users. It can be supplemented by a series of optional modules. Each M101 module can be connected to an optional module in the instrument. The maximum number of optional modules is 6. Optional modules or additional M101 modules can be installed at any time.



  • With a Multichannel Line instrument, a total of twelve potentiostat/galvanostat modules (M101 or M204) and extension modules can be combined in one system.
  • Like all Metrohm Autolab instruments, Multichannel line potentiostats/galvanostats can be interfaced to any external instrument and are controlled via the NOVA software.
  • The functionality of the Multichannel Line system can be expanded even further by adding extension modules.


Detailed specifications

  • BOOSTER10A module for high-current applications
  • FRA32M module for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements
  • pX1000 module for pH or pX value measurement during electrochemical experiments. With an additional Pt1000 input for temperature measurement
  • EQCM module to measure the mass change per unit area by recording the change in resonant frequency of a quartz crystal oscillator
  • MUX module for sequential experiments on multiple cells or multiple working electrodes

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