Online zeta-sizer

Online zeta-sizer

Automated method for on-line measurement of zeta potential of colloids and particulates in water. This allows direct monitoring of coagulation and clarification processes used in water treatment. The system can be used to control and optimise drinking water treatment processes by understanding when charge neutralisation conditions are present. The on-line zeta potential instrument is linked to the test and control drinking water treatment experimental rig (INSERT WEB LINK HERE).


The system can be used to control continuous drinking water treatment processes based on residual charge following coagulation. The instrument can be used to test different strategies for coagulation processes and develop feedback systems for control. This can be used for:

  • Optimisation of treatment for different water sources
  • Compare the performance of different water treatment chemicals and conditions (coagulants, pH, polymers etc)
  • Understand the impact of perturbations on coagulation control
  • Determine the impact of different charge conditions on downstream processes and water quality

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