WP 785 ER Raman Spectrometer

WP 785 ER Raman Spectrometer

The WP 785 ER Raman Spectrometer is a flexible semi-integrated Raman system.

The WP 785 ER Raman spectrometer combines the spectrometer and laser into one unit to reduce floor space and cost, while the separate connector of each unit allows the use of fiber Raman probes or other sampling optics. This configuration maximizes value without sacrificing flexibility and generates a signal equivalent to a fully modular system. The power and control of the laser are provided by the spectrometer, which simplifies the wiring and allows remote/automatic operation.



The WP 785 ER Raman Spectrometer can be used to rapidly characterize the chemical composition and structure of a sample, whether solid, liquid, gas, gel, slurry or powder. It can be used to analyze samples related to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, geology and mineralogy, carbon materials and semiconductors, and life sciences.


Detailed specifications

  • 100-3600 cm-1 measurement range available, onboard 450 mW multimode laser
  • Connects easily to a probe or other sampling optics for multiple application use
  • High NA, f/1.3 design based on VPH gratings for superior sensitivity
  • Choice of regulated or TEC-cooled detector to suit application needs
  • Streamlined power and laser control via the spectrometer for remote operation
  • Optional Raman library matching & building via KnowItAll spectral matching engine
  • Ideal for cutting-edge research, automated measurements & OEM concepts

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