The National Robotarium

The National Robotarium

The National Robotarium is a world-leading institute for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, creating innovative solutions to global challenges.

Located on Heriot-Watt University's Edinburgh campus, in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, The new National Robotarium facility will leverage existing research and the expertise of UK industry with the significant market opportunity of robotics and autonomous systems.

Building capacity across complementary areas of embedded intelligence and expert systems, the National Robotarium collaborates with other UK and international research locations to attract further inward investment.

With a strong focus on entrepreneurship and job creation, the National Robotarium Institute offers an ecosystem for industry collaboration where humans and robots work in partnership.

Pioneering research moves rapidly from laboratory to market, developing skilled visionaries and delivering substantial benefits for society.People centred, intelligence driven

As global leaders in robotics and autonomous systems, Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh are delivering data-driven innovation in this world-leading hub.

Opening on Heriot-Watt Edinburgh Campus in 2022, the National Robotarium facility has unrivalled facilities, adding to laboratories in ocean systems, human robotic interaction and assisted living. Exploring collaborative interaction between humans, robots and their environments, cutting-edge research translates into technologies to create disruptive innovation in an expanding global market.

The National Robotarium facility is supported by £21 million from the UK Government and £1.4 million from the Scottish Government as part of the £1.3 billion Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal - a 15 year investment programme jointly funded by both governments and regional partners.

Collaborate to innovate

The National Robotarium is able to move innovative products and services rapidly from laboratory to market, to develop new prototypes and support early stage product development within an incubator environment that drives productivity. Uniquely flexible facilities allow companies to develop technologies and carry out challenge-based innovation in a safe environment. Its accelerator programme supports and develops innovative start-ups, building relationships with relevant business sectors and connections to international markets.

Home to world-leading experts in data analytics, the National Robotarium delivers Data-Driven Innovation, building digital skills in the workforce, using data to improve products and services and building Edinburgh’s reputation as the data capital of Europe.


Facilities information

The National Robotarium is available for use at Heriot Watt's Riccarton campus, expanding on the facilities which comprise of four integrated and interconnected components. 

Contact us about research collaboration and business partnership opportunities and to discuss how our capability can support your specific challenge, opportunity or R&D programme.


Who can use the facility Functions/facilities available

Industry (research and consultancy) 

Equipment, workspace, meeting rooms

Universities (in collaboration) All equipment; study space
Researchers, inside and outside the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics Equipment, workspace, meeting rooms