UKCRIC engages stakeholders to better understand and address complex infrastructure challenges through collaborative research.

Vision: UKCRIC provides the transdisciplinary, systems-based research for the transformation of infrastructure and urban systems, enabling safe, resilient and sustainable living, and generating economic opportunities for the UK.

Mission: UKCRIC’s integrated research capability underpins the renewal, sustainment and improvement of infrastructure and cities in the UK and elsewhere. By engaging government, industry, academia and end users, UKCRIC is de-risking, helping to prioritise, and providing evidence, analysis and innovation for future national infrastructure and urban investments to deliver a safer, more resilient and more sustainable future.


UKCRIC's mission statement is underpinned by its four scientific missions.

UKCRIC is coordinated by its Executive Board and Operations Team, providing strategic and operational coordination on behalf of UKCRIC as a whole to ensure that the collective impact of its investments and research is achieved and communicated across and between sectors and communities. Learn more about its Governance.

Photo credit: Serge Loode via Flickr


UKCRIC impact illustration