UKCRIC’s governance and management structure is shown schematically in the following figure, which should be read ‘inside out’ rather than ‘top down’.

To request a copy of the Terms of Reference for any of UKCRIC’s boards or groups, please email us at


  • The Executive Board is responsible for UKCRIC’s strategy, day-to-day management, benefits and risk management, budget and expenditure planning. It meets quarterly and reports to the Governing Board.
  • The Operations Team is responsible for carrying out UKCRIC’s day-to-day operations. It meets fortnightly and reports to the Executive Board.
  • The Governing Board provides oversight to ensure that UKCRIC delivers a significant impact on research in infrastructure and cities through strong collaborative partnerships between its members. It meets three times a year.

The Governing Board, the Executive Board and the Operations Team have access to independent advice from the International Advisory Board and the Stakeholder Advisory Group, strengthening the quality of UKCRIC’s scientific outputs and the delivery of the UKCRIC vision.

  • The International Advisory Board has an international focus on scientific development, benefits realisation and impact. 
  • The Stakeholder Advisory Group focuses upon supporting the formation, realisation and impact of research from UKCRIC investments.