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*The UKCRIC Executive Board is currently reviewing the requirements for Associate Membership. If you wish to make an application, please first contact us at*

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to all non-founder member UK Higher Education Institutions and non-Higher Education Institutions (Founding Members can be viewed on the About UKCRIC pages). It is awarded following submission and assessment of the UKCRIC Associate Member Application Form.

Summary of Associate Member Benefits:

  • Access to industry and government influencers through the International Advisory Board, Stakeholder Advisory Group and Executive Board
  • Accession to UKCRIC-stakeholder framework agreements
  • Participation in collaborative UKCRIC research bids and calls for evidence
  • Attendance at UKCRIC and UKCRIC-affiliated events (discounted rates where applicable)
  • Attendance at the UKCRIC annual conference (only open to members)
  • Use of the institute’s name, branding, communications and marketing channels, and service support team
  • Access to the wider UKCRIC community for complementary activities (e.g., events, bids, peer review of ideas, presentations, interviews)
  • Access to UKCRIC’s training and skills activities, including the UKCRIC Doctoral Skills Network, for training support for doctoral researchers, networking, informal advice and showcasing emerging research
  • Inclusion in the UKCRIC Annual Review
  • Opportunity to contribute articles to UKCRIC newsletters (separate sign up required)
  • Receipt of UKCRIC’s members-only newsletter, highlighting opportunities and items of interest to the UKCRIC community (separate sign up required)


Download the full list of member benefits.


Associate Member Responsibilities:

  • To acknowledge UKCRIC in funding applications, outputs and impacts where appropriate
  • To support UKCRIC in funding applications and in the furtherance of UKCRIC’s institutional and scientific missions and objective


Associate Member Annual Fee:

  • Option 1 – £10,000
  • Option 2 – In-kind support valued at £10,000 (to be specified in the application form)
  • Option 3 – Split contribution of a fee and in-kind support together valued at £10,000 (specified by the applicant)


We welcome the opportunity to discuss your interest in becoming a UKCRIC member. Please email us at to arrange a call. You can also visit the Associate Member Application page to download and progress your application form.



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