Advanced Infrastructure Materials Laboratory

Advanced Infrastructure Materials Laboratory

Located in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Imperial College London, the Advanced Infrastructure Materials Laboratory has state of the art equipment for producing, processing, imaging, analysing and testing infrastructure materials.

Researchers are able to use advanced techniques that are not readily available for infrastructure materials research in the UK.  The research will enable the development and characterisation of materials for infrastructure with enhanced technical performance, longer life, lower environmental impact and lower capital- and recurrent- cost, as well as expediting the more efficient use of existing materials according to circular economy principles.


Who can use the facility Functions/facilities available

Industry (product manufacturers and asset owners) though collaborative research


Other University researchers


PhD Studentships and Imperial MSc Students

Equipment, study space

Facility Highlights

  • £6.6m investment 
  • 50 items of equipment for material testing and assessment and imaging 
  • 6 new laboratories developed 
  • Appointment of around 7 personnel

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