UKCRIC Doctoral Skills Network Webinar 2 - Energy Storage & Its Applications

Webinar: Energy Storage & Its Applications

2nd March 2022 UKCRIC Doctoral Skills Network webinar 13.00-14.00

In this UKCRIC Doctoral Skills Network webinar Professor Andrew Cruden introduces CDT ESA and discusses its scientific missions. Webinar participants then hear from five postgraduate researchers from CDT Energy Storage & Its Applications currently working at the Universities of Sheffield & Southampton.


  • Prof Andrew Cruden Director of CDT ESA, University of Southampton:  Opening talk
  • CDT Energy Storage & Its Applications

    Andrew Hutchinson - The Benefits and Risks of using Flywheels Energy Storage to extend the lifetime of Battery Energy Storage.

    Tom Entwistle - Using Microwave Assisted Methodologies to improve the synthesis routes of Nickel Rich Cathode Materials in Lithium Ion Batteries. 

    Harriet Kimpton - Investigating the Use of Silver Nanofluids for Solar Collectors Connected to a Thermal Storage System – Project Overview. 

    Diarmid Roberts - Assessing the Economics of Li-Ion and Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries in the Provision of Firm Solar Power in California. 

    Flora Biggins - Optimising the economics of energy storage.

    3. Questions and discussion
Presentation: An introduction to UKCRIC

Download the presentation-  UKCRIC: An introduction


You can view the full Webinar below: