Responding to the UK Government Resilience Framework

Responding to the UK Government Resilience Framework

The UK Government Resilience Framework, published in December 2022, is a set of guidelines, processes, and practices aimed at improving the resilience and readiness of the UK government to respond to and manage major incidents and crises. The framework covers all aspects of crisis management, including risk assessment, incident response, and recovery operations, and is based on a risk-management approach that seeks to identify, prioritize, and mitigate potential threats to national security and the delivery of essential public services. The framework provides a common understanding and language for all government departments and agencies and aims to ensure that the UK is better prepared to respond to and recover from major incidents and crises, whatever their nature or cause.

The framework is guided by the three core principles:

  • A developed and shared understanding of the civil contingencies risks we
    face is fundamental
  • Prevention rather than cure wherever possible
  • Resilience is a ‘whole of society’ endeavour

Infrastructure resilience is one of the pillars of UKCRIC research, and we are poised to respond to the Resilience Framework by providing robust scientific and engineering research and knowledge to inform the development and implementation of the framework. UKCRIC brings together leading experts from academia, industry, and government to carry out cutting-edge research on infrastructure and cities, with a focus on the sustainability, resilience, and adaptability of critical national infrastructure systems. The consortium's research findings and recommendations can help to inform decision-making and enhance the UK's ability to respond effectively to major incidents and crises and ensure the resilience of critical infrastructure.

We are currently bringing together our top experts most well-placed to respond to the Resilience Framework and will be meeting to discuss with the National Preparedness Commission. This working group will be developing a response to the role of infrastructure in the UK’s resilience strategy.

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