Strategy: UKCRIC Roadmap - a vision for the future

The UKCRIC Roadmap is the primary output arising from a twelve-month programme of work and was reliant on the contributions of multiple partners and stakeholders.
Strategy: UKCRIC Roadmap - a vision for the future
UKCRIC Communications, Marketing and Events Manager (UCL)

The Roadmap project was led by the UKCRIC investigators Prof Gordon Masterton, Prof Liz Varga, and Prof Sergio Cavalaro and supported by the dedicated researcher Seraphine Appel.

This roadmap was developed to inform decisions for transitioning UKCRIC into a viable venture by exploring normative futures and making recommendations for the transition from capital projects and coordination node creation to being established as an institute. The recommendations were developed through desk research, analysis of the vision and theory already developed, and engagement with UKCRIC partners and stakeholders. The purpose is to offer strategies and mechanisms to achieve the objectives of UKCRIC and its partners through consensus-building and imagining possible futures. This roadmap identifies strategic risks, offers strategies for viability and recommended enablers, and suggests short-, medium-, and long-term steps to achieving UKCRIC’s objectives.

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