Leon Black

Leon Black

Professor of Infrastructure Materials (University of Leeds)

Leon is a surface analytical and materials’ chemist, who has spent nearly 30 years looking at the deterioration of construction materials, including the last 20 years using various analytical techniques to investigate the structure and stability of cement and concrete. He describes his work as focussing on composition-microstructure-performance relationships in low-clinker binders. This means that he uses various analytical techniques to examine how low-carbon concrete degrades in aggressive environments.

Leon leads the Centre for Infrastructure Materials in Leeds, a part of UKCRIC. The Centre provides state of the art facilities for the characterisation of a huge suite of materials: from cement and concrete, through metals and polymers to new biocomposites. The laboratories are also fully equipped for undertaking accelerated ageing studies on this full range of materials.

Leon also leads a research challenge looking at technical solutions to achieving circularity as part of the UKCRI Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Centre for Mineral-based Construction Materials. This 4-year project, running from January 2021, is in collaboration with UCL, Loughborough University and other academic partners, plus over 40 industrial collaborators.

He is Editor of Advances in Cement Research, and serves on the Editorial Board of Cement and Concrete Research.