UKCRIC Doctoral Skills Network Webinar - Nuclear Energy GREEN CDT​

Webinar - Nuclear Energy GREEN CDT​

1st June 2022 UKCRIC Doctoral Skills Network webinar 12.00-13.30

The GREEN CDT website is a consortium of the five universities of Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield.

"GREEN aims to develop and deliver the research and skills required to address key challenges in the field of nuclear energy across the entire fuel cycle.

Researchers in our CDT carry out research that underpins the safe and extended operation of existing reactors and the future development of safe, secure and sustainable new build nuclear power plants in addition to back end research on spent fuel, decommissioning and waste management."

At this webinar hosted by the UKCRIC Doctoral Skills Network, GREEN CDT postgraduate students presented short talks and elevator pitches for their current study. Watch the full webinar on the YouTube link below.



1, Federico Peruzzini 

Development of flow and settling correlations for the transport of nuclear slurries in partially-filled pipes 

2, Ananya Singh 

The impact of microbial metabolism on cement properties during radioactive waste disposal 

3, Reece Bedford 

Interactions of extrinsic species with PuO2 during storage 

4, Edwin Hsu 

Strength and surface microstructure of additively manufactured metal components, both as manufactured and after the impact of radiation/corrosion environmental factors 

5, Corinne Hatton 

An atomic scale computational approach to understanding REDOX speciation of uranium on iron bearing minerals 

6, Thomas Hillman 

In-situ Imaging and Chemistry Mapping of Corrosion Processes in Product Store Environment 

7, Rohunsingh Sam 

Licensing Small Modular Reactor in the UK 

8, Charlotte Nevin 

Resolving reaction mechanisms, kinetics and mass transport in radionuclide-loaded geopolymer cement wasteforms 

9, Latham Haigh 

10, Aidan Friskney 

The role of radiation in the long-term evolution of candidate Pu wasteforms 

Ceramic wasteform and process development for plutonium disposition 

11, Jess McWilliams 

Geopolymer cements for radioactive liquid organic wastes 

12, Gamuchirai Sibanda 

Bubble growth and gaseous release dynamics within viscoelastic waste sludges 

13, Jack Rolfe 

Disposal MOX 

14, Charlotte Istance 

Mechanisms of radionuclide retention in aged cements 

15, David Batty 

Radiation-aware robotic navigation and planning 

16, Abbie McCarrick 

Improving the understanding of Gadolinium for use in Neutron Detectors 

17, Louisa Bacon-Hall 

Transport of radioactive waste along the Sellafield shoreline: climate change impact and mitigation strategies through nature based solutions.

18, Aaron Wood 

Development of novel sample preparation techniques for analysis of micro-gram quantities of bulk actinides 

19, William Hillman 

New zirconium nuclear data for reactor performance modelling 

20, Jonathan Blagden 

Understanding the nature of contamination of longer lived radionuclides at the interface between buried concrete structures and the environment 

Presentation: An introduction to UKCRIC

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