Newcastle Urban Observatory

Newcastle Urban Observatory

The largest set of publicly available real time urban data in the UK.

For researchers:

Research is at the core of the Newcastle Urban Observatory. All data is published as open-data and available from the API or via download. They can also assist with the deployment of sensors for your research project and provide tools to manage and visualise your data in real-time.

They manage and collate vast quantities of real-time data as well as keeping extensive archives of observations. They integrate data from the Observatory sensors and other sensor feeds and provide a single point of access to many complex data sets that can be downloaded or accessed in real-time through our API. Choose your location, choose the variables ands off you go. The data is live and refreshes second by second. They will also be providing a streaming API to enable pushing of sensor data in real-time. Integrate real-time data into your models or download historical data across many sectors.

For industry:

Have a business idea but need data? Need to provide an evidence base for a planning application? Trying to understand and measure the benefits of a new demonstrator technology or intervention? Want to provide integrated services to the public?

The data platforms and commitment to open-data mean that you can use the Observatory's data. They also provide analytical and bespoke monitoring services to business and work with a range of business, government and industry partners, large and small, in collaborative research and development projects.

Photo credit: Nick Collins via Unsplash

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