Doctoral Skills Network

Doctoral Skills Network

The UKCRIC Doctoral Skills Network offers an opportunity for postgraduate researchers from UKCRIC institutions to meet and exchange ideas, support each other and gain skills to develop their careers as engineers of the future.

UKCRIC’s Doctoral Skills Network hosts and curates webinars and training workshops and provides links to other research support groups such as ERA, C-DICE and the Faraday Institute. UKCRIC also operates a CDT Manager Support Network for CDT managers and investigators to support bid creation and CDT operation.

UKCRIC’s CDT Network Programme is a key pillar of our activity, with an emphasis upon co-creating and building equal partner relationships between CDTs and between CDTs and UKCRIC. Working closely with each CDT, UKCRIC co-creates a programme of skills events designed to benefit the whole programme by connecting CDTs, engaging with PGRs and providing opportunities to meet and share knowledge and experiences with a wide community of researchers.

UKCRIC’s CDT Network Skills Programme offers:

  • A subscription to the UKCRIC Doctoral Skills Network (DSN) for all CDT PGRs (separate sign up required)
  • Access to UKCRIC’s CDT Manager Support Network (separate sign up required)
  • Joint CDT events hosted at UKCRIC facilities including tours, academic talks, cohort building and skills training
  • Online and in-person skills events and CDT conferences
  • Facilities access for research purposes
  • Curation and amplification of relevant skills events and opportunities on the UKCRIC DSN webpage, in the DSN newsletter and via social media
  • Support shaping and organising skills events and opportunities

What UKCRIC’s CDT Network Skills Programme asks of participating CDTs:

  • Active participation in the co-creation of the Skills Programme
  • Each CDT organises and hosts at least one online event per year that is open to the UKCRIC DSN
  • Each CDT organises and hosts at least one in-person event per year that is made available to the UKCRIC DSN either free or at a reduced-rate

There is no additional fee to become part of the UKCRIC CDT Network Skills Programme or to subscribe to the UKCRIC Doctoral Skills Network, these are added value offerings for institutional membership of UKCRIC. The Programme benefits from access to UKCRIC’s Operations team (including UKCRIC’s dedicated Skills Manager) and Executive Board Skills and Training Lead.

Doctoral Skills Network Leadership Team:

Professor Sergio Cavalaro

UKCRIC Doctoral and Postdoctoral Training Lead
(Loughborough University)

Professor William Powrie

UKCRIC Convenor
(University of Southampton)

Jennifer Knight

UKCRIC Skills Manager
(University of Southampton)



Sign Up to the Network

Sign up to the UKCRIC Doctoral Skills Network to receive our regular updates on UKCRIC activities. 

We will contact you by email to inform you of training and networking events. Please use your University email address when you register and agree to us contacting you with the email address provided.

From time to time we may also ask you to take part in surveys to gather information about the research being conducted in the UKCRIC Network of Institutions.

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