Previous Doctoral Skills Events

Previous Doctoral Skills Events

Previous Events

If you were unable to attend our previous events, materials such as slides and webinar recordings can be found by clicking on the relevant link below.


13 March 2024  Online

Webinar - 'From research to impact: lessons learnt from developing community resilience in low-income seismic regions'

This webinar is given by  Prof Anastasios Sextos, the Director of the UKCRIC National Facility for Soil-Structure Interaction (SoFSI). A Professor of Earthquake Engineering and Head of Earthquake and Geotechnical Engineering Research Group, University of Bristol, Anastasios will draw on research conducted on the "East Africa Seismic Risk Partnership" and "Construction of a pilot, low-cost, high-seismic performance school building in Nepal" projects.


21 February 2024 Online

Webinar - Introduction to the Centre for Future Infrastructure

This webinar with Prof Sean Smith, Director of the Centre for Future Infrastructure’s (CFI) will introduce and reflect on the CFI's mission: to deliver solutions for addressing the complex integrated challenges of climate change, sustainability, resilience and global population growth which lead to positive economic, societal and environmental outcomes. Whether it is in the design, planning, delivery or end of asset life, CFI supports and engages with the full life cycle of infrastructure involving the physical, social and digital fabric that underpins our civilised world.

8 November 2023  Online

Webinar: Introduction to the National Green Infrastructure Facility

The National Green Infrastructure Facility (NGIF) at Newcastle University is a ‘living laboratory’, underpinning research into Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDs), Green Infrastructure approaches, and making urban centres more resilient and sustainable for future generations.

In this webinar we will hear from the NGIF's Director Dr Ross Stirling and ECR and PGR users of the facility.

9 April to 31 August 2023 Online Programme

Full Switch consultancy & project management programme hosted by C-DICE

6-month project management/consultancy programme for late stage PhDs and post docs.



in person & online seminar

Challenging the dominance of the Hypothectico-Deductive Frame

A webinar with Dr Fred Amonya about complexity in cities research

24-28 July 2023 in person full week event Birmingham Decarbonisation Summer School - C-DICE 
24-26 May 2023 Conference in-person Sir James Matthews Building, Guildhall Square, Southampton

Sustainable Infrastructure and Cities CDT Conference 

18 May 2023 London ‘Energy Resilience and the Built Environment’ ERBE Student-Led Conference
19 April 2023 Online Video Impact: Using videography to communicate your research
3 March 2023 Online

Digital Task Force for Planning Webinar C-DICE event

14 February - 16 March Online series Indo-UK Local Energy Systems Webinar Series
31st January 2023

10.00 - 12.00 online

Developing a Publication Strategy for Net Zero Researchers hosted by C-DICE

This workshop will enable you to explore some of these issues including open research practices, new forms of research evaluation, and publication ethics.


16 November 2022


Net Zero Heroes - Decarbonising Heating & Homes


10 November 2022

10:00 - 19:30

LoLo-ERBE Annual Colloquium - in-person event in London hosted by ERBE CDT and LoLo

Keynote speaker: Chris Stark - Chief Executive, Committee

27 October 2022

12:00 - 13:30


ERA Skills Virtual Writing Retreat

If you research area pertains to Energy or the transition to a net zero carbon future join ERA for a virtual writing retreat. You can attend the retreat irrespective of the current stage of the writing project, idea generation, planning, writing, editing, proofing, rewriting. Register here.

21 October 2022

09:00 - 15:00

Success on Screen workshop online with VOX Coaching

Learn about communicating your research to an audience on film.

Starts 12 October 2022

13:00 - 15:00

Sustainable Construction Masterclass series​ hosted by C-DICE 7 sessions The lectures and Q&A sessions will cover fundamental issues in construction. See website for more details.

11 October 2022

 12:00 - 14:00

Infrastructure & Wellbeing in Cities webinar by Prof Nick Tyler, UCL & PEARL details to follow

20 September 2022

All Day

Net Zero Futures Conference University of Loughborough hosted by C-DICE for Early Career researchers

13-15 July

All day

International Conference on Evolving Cities University of Southampton

21-22 June 2022

All day

1st Water-WISER Early Career Researcher Conference
Loughborough University

17 June 2022


Communicating Confidently - Excellence at Grant and Job Interviews

15 June 2022

12.30 – 13.30 

Net Zero Heroes- Decarbonising Heating & Homes

01 June 2022


UKCRIC Doctoral Skills Network webinar - Nuclear Energy GREEN CDT

20 May 2022


Communicating Confidently - Managing Research Relationships

16 May 2022

12.30 – 13.30

Net Zero Heroes – Integrating Energy Storage with Renewable Energy Generation

29 April 2022


Communicating Confidently - In the Spotlight: Excellence at Presentations

5-6 April 2022

All day


Multi CDT Conference - Clean Energy & Sustainable Infrastructure With CDTs ESA, SIS, SIC & PV


6 April 2022


Net Zero Heroes - Energy Transitions: A Policy and Politics Perspective​​ Webinar hosted by Energy Research Accelerator (ERA)

2nd March 2022

13.00 – 14.00

UKCRIC & Energy with CDT Energy Storage and its Applications, Webinar hosted by Universities of Sheffield & Southampton

23 February 2022


Power Trader hosted by Energy Research Accelerator (ERA)

16 February 2022

12.30 – 13.30

Net Zero Heroes - Decarbonisation of Transport Part 2 Webinar hosted by Energy Research Accelerator (ERA)

02 February 2022

12.00 – 13.30

Introduction to UKCRIC and CDT Sustainable Infrastructure Systems, Webinar hosted by University of Southampton

19 January 2022

12.30 – 13.30


Net Zero Heroes - Decarbonisation of Transport Part 1 Webinar hosted by Energy Research Accelerator (ERA)