Call for Safer End of Engineered Life Champions

Call for Safer End of Engineered Life Champions
13 April 2021

Engineering X, an international collaboration founded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Lloyd’s Register Foundation, wants to identify champions for safer end of engineered life and support them to make a difference. From renewable energy infrastructure to medical equipment, electronic waste to buildings, we believe that whenever anything is built, the end of life must be planned for in order to prevent harm to human health and the environment. We are looking for passionate individuals and organisations working on end of engineered life challenges so that we can support them in making greater impact globally.

Safer End of Engineered Life (SEEL) Champions will become part of an exciting global network of experts and will receive a tailored package of support including networking, communication and potentially resource support. We hope to surface evidence and raise awareness of these challenges as we identify Champions with the potential to be leaders on these issues. This call is open to all disciplines, industries, and sectors, including design for demanufacture, circular economy and waste management professionals, and we welcome applicants from all countries.

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Application deadline: 19th May 2021

Image credit: Science in HD via Unsplash