Reflections on January’s UKCRIC Management Board Meeting

Reflections on January’s UKCRIC Management Board Meeting
UKCRIC Executive Manager (University of Birmingham)
03 February 2020

UKCRIC’s Management Board met on the 23rd of January. The most time-sensitive item on the agenda was the proposed reallocation of capital grant funding arising from an institutional underspend. Expressions of Interest for spending the money had been received prior to the meeting and the Coordination Node’s proposal to support seven of these was agreed and has been put to the EPSRC.

Discussions about the future of UKCRIC continue, with the Coordination Node shaping potential business models over the coming months before making a proposal to the Management Board. In the meantime, the Board agreed to the merging of the International Advisory Board and Strategic Advisory Board in order to improve governance efficiencies. Merging these boards was a natural step forward, given the overlap in their areas of responsibility.

Presentations were received from the Centre for Digital Built Britain, focusing upon its Digital Framework Task Group, and CIRIA, exploring opportunities for engagement. Opportunities for closer collaboration are now being explored and the Coordination Node and CIRIA are already drafting a proposal that can be put forward at a future meeting of the Management Board.

The UKCRIC Management Board meets monthly as UKCRIC’s formal governing body, in the context of the UKCRIC (academic) Collaboration Agreement. It is responsible for:

  • setting strategy and direction
  • consensus building across the Collaboratorium
  • pan-UKCRIC decision making
  • coordination and management

The Management Board next meets on the 2nd of March.