Reflections on the June and July 2021 Management Board Meetings

Reflections on the June and July 2021 Management Board Meetings
UKCRIC Executive Manager (University of Birmingham)
28 July 2021

The Management Board held two meetings in quick succession just before the summer break. The main point of business at both meetings was to discuss and agree UKCRIC’s short- and medium-term plan of activities and spending. Although there will be some refinement of the emphasis and ordering of activities, the current budgets have been agreed up to the end of March 2023.

UKCRIC’s response to the Gateway Review Panel’s five recommendations also featured at both meetings, in the first meeting focusing upon refreshing UKCRIC’s vision, mission and governance structures alongside its medium- and long-term ambitions (submitted to EPSRC at the end of June) and in the second meeting upon stakeholder engagement and benefits realisation (to be submitted at the end of July).

With the continuing impacts of Covid-19 having been incorporated into business as usual, UKCRIC’s last Business Continuity Plan was presented. The plan had been designed to keep the lights on and services delivered during the pandemic. It will be reactivated should there be substantial changes in the future.

The Management Board’s next scheduled meeting is on the 2nd of September 2021.