The UKCRIC Transition Roadmap Project

The UKCRIC Transition Roadmap Project
UKCRIC Communications, Marketing and Events Manager (UCL)
13 January 2022

To help inform decisions for transitioning the UKCRIC research community into a sustainable entity, this project is developing a Roadmap which will be a visualisation of UKCRIC's operational phase for the next five years. The Roadmap will plan how UKCRIC’s Vision, Mission, and Scientific Missions and their research agendas can be implemented and realised. It will ensure that equality, diversity, and inclusion is addressed, engaging with stakeholders across government, academia, business, and third sectors. This project is built around researching options and consensus-building across multiple partners and stakeholders on various opportunities and potential normative futures for research and activities within UKCRIC.

This programme of work is led by Prof Gordon Masterton (Professor of Future Infrastructure, University of Edinburgh), Prof Liz Varga (Professor of Complex Systems and lead of UCL’s Infrastructure Systems Institute), and Prof Sergio Cavalaro (Chair of Infrastructure Systems, Loughborough University, and skills lead for UKCRIC), and is supported by the post-doctoral researcher Seraphine Appel

The 1st Visioning Session

To best implement UKCRIC’s objectives, we must plan for adaptability and success in any scenario without losing sight of the long-term goals. This Visioning Session was the first step in consensus-building around mitigation and adaptation possibilities in a variety of possible futures.

In a series of possible-future matrices, we explored variable funding scenarios as they would affect: Impact, Governance, Research Priorities, Ability to Act/Responsiveness, and Influence/Stakeholder Engagement. 

The results are helping to inform the Roadmap by developing mitigation and resilience strategies as well as monitoring, review, and engagement mechanisms.Next Steps

We will hold a second Visioning Session in the spring of 2022 which will be open to external stakeholders and other interested parties. 

For enquiries about the project please contact Seraphine Appel (


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