UKCRIC Director Prof. Jordan Giddings appointed Non-Executive Director for Met Office

UKCRIC Director Prof. Jordan Giddings appointed Non-Executive Director for Met Office
19 April 2021

UKCRIC Director Prof. Jordan Giddings has recently been appointed Non-Executive Director for the Met Office Board.

The Non-Executive Directors support and challenge the Executive Directors to assist the Met Office in delivering against agreed Key Performance Indicators. The Non-Executive Directors are encouraged to assist in raising external awareness of the Met Office and its work, and to build beneficial external relationships. Jordan’s scientific expertise add further depth and diversity to the Board.

Alongside working for UKCRIC, Jordan holds a number of part time positions. In March, Jordan took on the position of Chief Scientist for’s Defence business. A leader of innovation in defence and national security, Jordan has extensive experience of working with multidisciplinary teams on the most cutting-edge challenges of the day including cyber, critical national infrastructure, AI and machine learning, combining approaches and experiences from the best of government, industry and academia. To this end, he will continue to advise academic institutions and public bodies while working as Chief Scientist at Improbable.

Jordan is an experienced leader of innovation and change in systems, data, cyber and technology domains with a background in academia, the private sector and government. His expertise has been recognised at a national and international level. Jordan has worked in the commercial sector, Government organisations (as the UK's Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser for both National Security and for Transport), European organisations and Trade Associations. He is currently an advisor to a number of UK Government Departments, visiting Professor at the Universities of Hertfordshire and Cranfield Defence and Security and an Honorary Principal Research Fellow to the Imperial College Institute for Security Science and Technology, Honorary Research Associate at the University of Oxford as well as a Fellow of several professional bodies.

Image credit: NASA via Unsplash