UKCRIC Limited has been announced as a finalist in the first Manchester Prize!

UKCRIC Limited has been announced as a finalist in the first Manchester Prize!
UKCRIC Communications, Marketing and Events Manager (UCL)
21 May 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that UKCRIC Limited has been named as one of the ten finalists in the Manchester Prize, receiving an award of £100,000 to help develop our solution called gAIn-Water.

Water distribution systems have old, buried infrastructure prone to water leakage on its way to customers. In England and Wales, over 50 litres of water per person per day is lost as leakage. Leakage management is a large market, with a heavy focus on finding leaks once they have occurred. There is significant opportunity for proactive leakage management tools that will lead to massive efficiency improvements and greatly increase the sustainability of water supply systems. gAIn-Water aims to revolutionize water distribution management by aligning advanced artificial intelligence with practical needs.

Announced by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt last Spring and launched in December 2023, the Manchester Prize called on innovators, academics, entrepreneurs and disruptors to submit their proposed solutions to challenges related to energy, the environment and infrastructure. It received almost 300 entries from UK-led teams, and we are so excited to have been chosen as one of just ten finalists.

UKCRIC Limited has been awarded the funding to develop gAIn-Water over the next eight months for the chance to win the £1 million grand prize in spring 2025. The project will also be supported by a package of non-financial support, including up to £90,000 in spending on compute.

Find out more about gAIn-Water and to follow the progress of all ten finalists, visit the Manchester Prize website.