UKCRIC Limited – Introducing our newest team members

UKCRIC Limited – Introducing our newest team members
UKCRIC Communications, Marketing and Events Manager (UCL)
29 April 2024

The work of UKCRIC Limited complements UKCRIC’s Scientific Missions to underpin the renewal, sustainment and improvement of infrastructure and cities in the UK and elsewhere. Here, the company's newest team members tell us about their roles and share their views on how UKCRIC Limited can help provide bespoke solutions for infrastructure practitioners.

Simon Duddy


As UKCRIC Limited’s Director of Business Development I am responsible for the management of new funding streams for interdisciplinary, multi-facility infrastructure and cities research. Having only joined at the beginning of April this year I'm coming in with a fresh and hopefully creative perspective, quite a bit of energy despite my advancing years, and will definitely be looking at things from a strategic and commercial angle. I'm really passionate about the themes UKCRIC focuses on, like resource efficiency, net zero goals, and the circular economy. Plus, I've seen some of the amazing work and the inspiring people involved, so joining felt like a natural fit for me. I have always tried to understand wider systems and relationships throughout my career (my background in supply chain management), which aligns perfectly with UKCRIC's interdisciplinary and collaborative approach. I've been close to a number of UKCRIC themes and initiatives in my previous roles, so I've got a solid network and plenty of relevant experience, for example with cross-government data initiatives.

The opportunities here are huge, but I think if we focus our efforts, we can really make an impact. I'm really enjoying getting to know the team and I am looking forward to getting even more involved in the projects that are underway and in the pipeline. Ultimately, I want UKRIC Ltd to be known at home and internationally as a catalyst for collaborative innovation in urban systems and infrastructure in support of the UKCRIC mission.


Simon Duddy joins UKCRIC Limited as Director of Business Development from the Office for National Statistics and brings a wealth of experience based on a successful career encompassing senior commercial, strategic growth, and innovation roles across the public and private sectors.  He has established strong networks across policy, research, and industry spheres and has played a leading role in establishing transformational programmes for government (the Integrated Data Service) and the NHS (the NHS Supply Chain) and has spearheaded initiatives to enhance data visibility and address critical supply chain challenges, driving transdisciplinary collaborations to support the UK’s Net Zero ambitions. Simon is recognized for his leadership in fostering diversity and inclusion within teams, alongside a strong commitment to developing talent and maximizing organizational potential.

Vivian Cardenas


I joined UKCRIC Limited in October 2023, working as a Project Manager for projects related to road infrastructure decarbonisation, benchmarking embodied carbon of construction materials, digitalisation of infrastructure and resilience of critical national infrastructure. My role involves the coordination of UKCRIC Limited projects, including project deliverables, project invoicing and the whole project management of records. In addition, I lead the practical implementation of work alongside technical direction (including research and academic writing). I will also be supporting the Business Development Director, Simon, with bid paperwork and identification of business opportunities.

For me UKCRIC Limited stands as a beacon of collaboration, where research meets real-world challenges head-on, propelling the industry forward, and I feel fortunate to participate in this. My goal is to contribute to the creation of innovative solutions that enable reliable and resilient infrastructure, delivering benefits to both industry and society, with the least possible environmental detriment.


Vivian is a civil an environmental engineer with experience in project management for infrastructure projects in Colombia and Latin America (from rail projects to environmental and social impact assessments). Most recently, she completed her MSc in Civil Engineering with Infrastructure Planning at UCL. During her postgraduate studies, her interest in sustainable and resilient built environment grew stronger, motivating her to engage in projects aimed at achieving a net-resilience gain in the UK and globally, particularly narrowing the gap between research and development, and industry.