UKCRIC's work with the Oxford-Cambridge Arc

UKCRIC's work with the Oxford-Cambridge Arc
06 January 2021

The Arc between Oxford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge has been identified as an economic asset of international standing, with potential for significant growth to benefit local communities and the country as a whole. A new publication has been put together to show how UKCRIC is helping to deliver innovative solutions to regional development challenges, across a range of infrastructure and utility sectors. Download the UKCRIC and the Oxford-Cambridge Arc brochure to read more about the Arc and UKCRIC's activities to support its development. 

UKCRIC is well placed to provide a range of contributions to those charged with realising the ambition of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc. Its collaborative operating model and convening power across multiple sites and establishments has the potential to mobilise world-class research to tackle both welldefined engineering problems and the complex, systems-level challenges which emerge from the interdependencies which characterise many of our infrastructure systems. The research capacities and capabilities accessible through UKCRIC provide an important resource for the reshaping of our infrastructure systems so that they work for both people and planet.

Realising this potential will require new ways of working between business, local stakeholders and Government so that the benefits of growth can be delivered for local people and the country whilst protecting and enhancing the natural environment. Ensuring that the advantages of development are delivered in a way which enhances sustainability and resilience will require major innovations in networked services such as transport, energy and water.

Take a look at the brochure to find out more about the ways in which we are working with all kinds of sectors on the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, and if you're interested in working with us, please get in touch.

Image credit: Adobe Stock