Work with the Department for Transport to address Potholes

Work with the Department for Transport to address Potholes
21 November 2019

Wiltshire County Council and the Department for Transport want to efficiently engage with suppliers to define and address the issues underpinning the management of potholes. They are reaching out to you to be part of the solution.

What is the Potholes Challenge?
The Potholes Challenge is a new way for local authorities to innovate with the SME community. They believe that they understand the challenge they are facing, but that the SME community can improve this understanding. The Potholes Challenge is all about supporting this.

  • They want to engage with you around their challenge.
  • They want you to provide them with your perspectives.
  • They want to use your understanding to define more accurate challenge and then work with you collaboratively to develop solutions.

There's no requirement to have experience in the transport sector or indeed with potholes – the aim of this initiative is to broaden the scope of the challenge as widely as possible, encouraging people to consider the challenges from their differing backgrounds and perspectives and ultimately to create truly innovative solutions.

There are four identified challenge areas: repair, customers and communication, design and prevention, and digital. 

For full details or to get involved, visit their website

Image credit: Dvorty girl via Flickr