C-DICE event: Exploring Sustainable Futures Game

C-DICE event: Exploring Sustainable Futures Game
09 July 2024
09:30 - 17:30
University of Birmingham Birmingham United Kingdom

As researchers, we are struggling to navigate the complexities of climate change and transition to net-zero carbon emissions. 

It is clear that ’business-as-usual’ thinking and practices are not up to the task.    

The big question is, what is?  

C-DICE are delighted to bring you an exciting opportunity to play the Exploring Sustainable Futures Game, developed by Cranfield University’s Sustainable Business Group and The Beeworx Change Agency. 

Hosted at the University of Birmingham campus, you will practice decision-making for climate resilience through an immersive game workshop, hear from leading academics, and engage with others from the wider sector working towards decarbonisation. 

To build on your experience, you can apply your learning in your research field to strengthen your real-world response to strategic challenges and opportunities and navigate these responses with different stakeholders across your network. 

Why join us?  

Wicked problems require novel systemic approaches. 

We are all on an uncharted decarbonisation journey that requires new skills and competencies. 

While the learning from this game is multi-faceted, the workshop will focus on the Leadership Competencies for Sustainability, as identified by Professor David Grayson and Dr Rosina Watson: 

  1. Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration 
  2. Systems Thinking 
  3. Purpose-Led 
  4. Strategic Sustainability 
  5. Future Thinking 

This immersive, participatory experience builds these critical competencies by engaging our creativity and imagination, alongside our critical thinking.  

Join us to explore deeply serious topics with the playful curiosity needed to move beyond our limits.  

What will you learn? 

  • Strengthen deep leadership competencies through role play and collaboration.
  • Consider how to effect change as an individual working within an organisation.
  • Rehearse navigating complex change in relationships with stakeholders in a psychologically safe space that encourages experimentation.
  • Develop and test strategies in the context of an increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex future.
  • Apply an holistic approach by working with a wide range of actors across the infrastructure, cities and energy sectors.

What to expect on the day:

  • Travel through time and experience emerging climate-related risks and opportunities, responding to news headlines in future decades as key actors and influencers in society.
  • Engage in curious conversations and grow your network with motivated changemakers. 
  • Hear from academics from University of Birmingham and Cranfield University, setting the context for the game with a focus on infrastructure, cities, energy and the decarbonisation agenda.

Who should attend? 

Aimed at postdoctoral researchers, late-stage PhD students, early career academics and industrial partners in the infrastructure, cities and energy arenas, this game will help you gain perspective in your own context, regardless of specific research field. 


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