C-DICE webinar: How to Use Generative AI as a Researcher: A Beginner’s Guide

C-DICE webinar: How to Use Generative AI as a Researcher: A Beginner’s Guide
24 April 2024
10:00 - 12:00
Online ZOOM
This workshop is for you if you want to use Generative AI (e.g. ChatGPT, Co-Pilot, Claude) in your research but you’re not sure where to start!

It is a workshop for AI beginners, not AI experts.  You do not need to have any experience of using Generative AI to attend the workshop.

We will explore a range of GenAI tools for general users and researchers, and consider how they work, how you can optimise them for research tasks, effective prompt engineering, and how you can understand AI outputs.  We will also discuss the ethics of Generative AI and guidelines for their use in research.

A recent ‘Nature’ article found that 25% of researchers sampled were already using AI to write grants.  The pace of AI change is rapid in areas like content production and data analysis.  Being up-to-date with how you can use these tools is becoming essential for researchers.

This workshop will help you to become more aware of the potential uses of AI tools in your research.

(Chat GPT-4 helped to write this workshop summary!)


Date and time:

Wednesday 24th April 2024, 10:00-12:00, Online via Zoom



Presenter biography:

Dr Naomi Tyrell is the founder of ‘Research Your Way’ and has over 20 years of research and evaluation experience.

Naomi has led research projects funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, European Commission, British Academy, Leverhulme Trust, University of Plymouth, charitable trusts and the National Lottery. She is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Plymouth.

You can see Naomi’s published, peer-reviewed journal articles, books and book chapters here and here.