DAFNI webinar - The Climate Resilience Demonstrator

DAFNI webinar - The Climate Resilience Demonstrator
27 March 2024
12:00 - 13:00

 Dr Jens Jensen, Data Security Architect for DAFNI

 ‘The Climate Resilience Demonstrator’

The Climate Resilience Demonstrator (CReDo) is a pioneering climate change adaptation digital twin project that provides a practical example of how connected data can improve climate adaptation and resilience across a system of systems.

“DAFNI is a trusted third party and independent operator which holds the CReDo datasets and others in our National Infrastructure Database and allows them to be combined and analysed, and safely destroyed at the end. Without DAFNI that sensitive shared work on a combined dataset on a non-commercial platform would not have been possible in this project.” Dr Jens Jensen, DAFNI

27 March 2024 – 12pm – 1pm

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