National Postdoc Conference 2023 - Hosted by C-DICE at Loughborough University

National Postdoc Conference 2023 - Hosted by C-DICE at Loughborough University
19 September 2023
09:30 - 17:00
Loughborough University

National Postdoc Conference 2023 hosted by C-DICE


Loughborough University
Tuesday 19 September 2023

C-DICE and Loughborough University are delighted to host the UKRSA/Vitae biennial National Postdoc Conference in 2023 as part of Postdoc Appreciation Week – the only conference in the UK dedicated solely to the celebration of postdoctoral researchers from any university, in any discipline. Join us at Loughborough University on 18 September for a pre-conference networking evening and on 19 September for talks, workshops, networking and a celebration of postdocs!

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Conference themes

  1. Impactful postdoc futures, next steps: In this theme we will explore career opportunities open to postdocs across a broad spectrum of employment, including sharing opportunities to develop postdoctoral impact, professional skills, collaborations, and embedding this in postdoctoral employment.  
  1. Celebrating postdoc breakthroughs: Postdocs can often be the unseen and unsung heroes behind advances in knowledge in their field. In this theme we will celebrate the impact and contribution that postdocs have had in creating a better future for us all, with thematic areas around key global challenges linked to the UN sustainable development goals. There will be opportunities to both nominate colleagues for, and win awards, which recognise postdoc achievement  
  1. Enabling postdocs through the work environment In this theme we will look at best practice, policy and action around recruiting, sustaining, supporting and retaining postdoctoral talent in the higher education, industry and third sectors, to shift the dial on recognising the role and value of postdocs in advancing research.