Have your say: input into the UKCRIC response to BEIS Inquiry into Net Zero Governance

Have your say: input into the UKCRIC response to BEIS Inquiry into Net Zero Governance
UKCRIC Senior Research Fellow (UCL)
01 July 2021

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee has launched an inquiry on net zero governance, which will examine the leadership and co-ordination which will be needed by government to deliver on the UK’s commitment to reach net zero by 2050.

We propose compiling a response on behalf of UKCRIC. We would like to invite your initial thoughts on:

  • the Inquiry Questions (see below)
  • whether all questions relevant to UKCRIC or should we focus on some questions more/or less than others
  • the key themes we should incorporate into UKCRIC response
  • Additional UKCRIC colleagues we should contact to invite their inputs

We would be very grateful if you could share your initial thoughts before 10th July.

Please contact Tom Dolan (thomas.dolan@ucl.ac.uk) to share your initial thoughts, or express an interest in helping to draft UKCRIC’s response.

Inquiry Questions BEIS Committee Inquiry on Net Zero Governance

  1. What are the key requirements for a governance structure that can deliver cross-Government climate action at the pace, scale and over the duration required to meet the carbon budgets and the 2050 net zero target?

    a) Are the Government’s existing net zero governance structures effective in this role, both in            terms of coordination across Whitehall, and coordination with the devolved administrations and          local and regional authorities?

    b) What alternative governance structures could be established to coordinate and deliver cross-          Government action on climate change more effectively?

    c) What metrics should the Government use to measure their progress towards net zero?

  1. What governance structures would enable HM Treasury to give greater priority to the net zero target and the carbon budgets in its financial and economic decisions?

    a) How could HMT better ensure that spending decisions contribute to achieving net zero in the          long term?

  1. What signals and support does business need from the Government in order to deliver cross-economy decarbonisation in line with the carbon budgets and the net zero target? What delivery function should Government provide itself and are relevant regulatory bodies mandated and resourced effectively to deliver on Government priorities?

    a) How do policy and regulatory signals and support vary between Government Departments (and      how have they varied over time)? How is this affecting business activity on climate change?

    b) Should Ofgem play a greater role in delivering on net zero and, if so, what changes are                  required to deliver this?

  1. The BEIS Committee will be working with the Environmental Audit Committee on this inquiry and inviting guests from other select committees. We are also interested in comments on the effectiveness of current parliamentary scrutiny arrangements for climate change and proposals to improve this.

Image credit: Gustav Gullstrand via Unsplash