HS2 Learning Legacy – Leave your legacy by sharing your knowledge

HS2 Learning Legacy – Leave your legacy by sharing your knowledge
UKCRIC Communications, Marketing and Events Manager (UCL)
31 August 2023

The HS2 Learning Legacy was established to share lessons learned, good practice and innovation from the HS2 Programme aimed at raising the bar in the industry.

Learning legacy content is captured through a series of learning legacy challenges which issue an open call to the whole HS2 family for papers and other resources on themes and topics which are relevant to large infrastructure projects.

HS2 runs one challenge every year capturing content and sharing learning across 15 themes. This year the Environment, Innovation and Design challenge will officially launch in September and will capture learning, good practice and innovation on environment, innovation and design.

By sharing this knowledge both internally and externally, the HS2 Programme is raising the bar in the wider industry. Lessons can be about any phase of the programme, provided they are related to the environment as the core theme, with innovation and/or design as enabling functions. Through this challenge the aim is to also capture experiences of new best practice in delivering environmental excellence on the ground.

Anyone from HS2 Ltd or their contractors can make a submission and this includes UKCRIC members. In May 2021 HS2 Ltd signed a research agreement with UKCRIC to enable the project to draw upon key centres of British academic excellence to help to drive new insight and technologies across the broad range of disciplines involved in building affordable, low carbon and modern infrastructure.

Key dates

  • 18 September 2023: Learning Legacy Challenge launched
  • 16 October 2023: Deadline for submission of summaries via the online form
  • W/C 30 October 2023: Authors advised to proceed to next stage following Challenge Panel review that the ‘rules’ have been met, or to suggest possible collaborations and additions
  • 31 January 2024: Deadline for submission of learning legacies
  • February – April 2024: Learning legacy resources are reviewed for technical accuracy, readability, learning legacy and reputation by assigned reviewers
  • May – June 2024: Final approvals and governance for the resources takes place
  • July 2024: Resources are published on the HS2 Learning Legacy website and shared through industry networks and events over time

For further details about the HS2 Learning Legacy and how to enter click on the following information.

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