Call for UKCRIC projects on infrastructure and cities research

Call for UKCRIC projects on infrastructure and cities research
01 March 2021

The UKCRIC Coordination Node is calling for projects that meet its strategic priorities and which help to establish an institute in the next year. The UKCRIC Management Board will award a range of projects to individuals or groups on the basis of the applications received by the closing date of this call. There may be a second call for projects if the available funding is unallocated.

The scope of projects should be framed within the strategic priorities of UKCRIC and should be able to demonstrate a contribution to establishing a UKCRIC institute. UKCRIC missions provide the framing for UKCRIC’s strategic focus. UKCRIC missions are described at UKCRIC missions and cover areas of Environment and Sustainability, Adaptation and Change, Governance and Resilience, and Social Justice and Healthy Living. Note that missions are closely connected to the EPSRC delivery plan (productive, connected, healthy, resilient).

The call for projects is open to staff working for any university party to the UKCRIC (Brunswick) collaboration agreement (including Edinburgh University who will join from April 2021).

For full details, please see the Call for Projects document.

Please note, the deadline for this call for projects passed on 16th April 2021.